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SEARG Repeaters

We maintain and operate a number of voice repeaters in the South East that constitute part of the 'Southern Ireland Repeater Network' which is a co-operative effort between SEARG and the East Cork Radio Group (EI7M). The EI7MLR repeater was the first repeater in Ireland to have IRLP capability.

Repeater Keepers are;;
 John McCarthy (EI8JA) - South Eastern Amateur Radio Group
 Neil Powell (EI3JE) - East Cork Radio Group

For information relating to repeaters, drop a line to; sirnrepeaters /at/ gmail /dot/ com

The Southern Ireland Repeater Network is owned and run co-operatively by The South Eastern & East Cork Amateur Radio Groups. If you would like to contribute financially to the upkeep and maintenance of the network, you may send contributions to John Mc Carthy EI8JA at QTHR. *Please state that your donation is for the Southern Ireland Repeater Network, in which case it will be forwarded to a seperate repeater fund and used for the maintenance and upgrade of the network.

Repeater Maps

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Recent Changes

The table below provides further information about the repeater system.

Voice Repeaters (Click on a callsign to see coverage map)
Callsign Site Locator Frequency
EI7MLR Mt. Leinster, Co. Carlow IO62OO 430.950 MHz (+ 7.6 MHz shift)
EI7WDR Carrickpheirish, Waterford city IO62KF 433.275 MHz (+ 1.6 MHz shift)
EI2HHR Helvick Head, Co. Waterford IO62EB 145.675 MHz (- 600 kHz shift)
EI7FXR Farmers Cross, Cork city IO51SU 430.900 MHz (+ 7.6 MHz shift)
EI2DBR Devil's Bit, Co. Tipperary IO62BU 145.650 MHz (- 600 kHz shift)

Total VHF Coverage (2m)    Total UHF Coverage (70cm)

Callsign Site Locator Frequency Info.
EI2WCP Carrickpheirish, Waterford city IO62KF 144.800 MHz  
EI2FHP Faha, Dungarvan IO62EB 144.800 MHz  
EI2MLP Mt. Leinster IO62OO 144.800 MHz  
EI2TTP Templetown IO62NE 144.800 MHz  

Callsign Site Locator Frequency Info.
EI4DGP Faha, Dungarvan IO62EB 70.325 MHz  

ATV (Television)
Callsign Site Locator Frequency
EI8WDT Faha, Dungarvan IO62EB 1290 MHz (Input 1249 MHz)

Callsign Site Locator Frequency
EI2WRB Donnells Hill, Portlaw IO62IG 144.403 MHz (CW)

IRLP (VoIP gateway)
Callsign Site Locator Frequency
EI7WCG Waterford city IO62KF Repeater Network


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